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"Children do not need to learn to be better, told what to do or shown how. If they are given access to enough of the world, they will see clearly enough what things are truly important to themselves and to others, and they will make for themselves a better path into that world than anyone else could make for them." John Holt

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                               January 8th, 2014

Well, there is not much to our day to post. My oldest son came down to visit at 10:00 last night and decided to kidnap his little sister for a few nights. So today it was pretty much just me and the boys. Seeing as the boys slept til almost 3:00 in the afternoon it was mostly just me!

Today I had the priviledge of some "Me" time so I took full advantage, I worked online, did some reading, and watched a little tv. I did finally get around to doing the dishes and then finally got dressed around 3 to go to the bread store and post office.  

The kids got a package in the mail from Nana. She had sent the kids some t-shirts for Christmas. Also some gloves and perfume for Dora. Being on time is not her strong point but it is fun having presents after Christmas is over!

While I was gone Bret got up and went to take a shower and informed me that the water wasn't working. Dad was home now so he took the boys and they went under the house to check it out. 

Seems our pipes which have been frozen for days now in the kitchen and laundry room burst when they started to thaw out! So the guys went to Lowe's to pick up some supplies and as I write this they are all working outdoors in the dark cutting new pipe and trying to repair the problem! So, other than lots of sleep and home maintenance they have not done alot! 


This post was written as a part of the year long series "Hitchhikers Guide to Unschooling" in which I show you what it is like to follow one unschooling family for a year!