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"Children do not need to learn to be better, told what to do or shown how. If they are given access to enough of the world, they will see clearly enough what things are truly important to themselves and to others, and they will make for themselves a better path into that world than anyone else could make for them." John Holt

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                               January 7th, 2014

When Dora got up this morning I went in her room to see if the kitty's litter box was clean because they were coming to spray our house today. To my surprise she has been doing a great job of scooping it out and she even volunteered to pick up her floor and vacume some of the litter the cats had gotten in the floor.

After breakfast Dora brought me Dork Diaries 2 and we read several chapters together. After that we watched  Diary of a Wimpy Kid 2: Rodrick Rules, for some reason I can never get tired of this! We also spent a few minutes on Pinterest looking up how to build a solar system and a few science experiments.

The boys stayed in their rooms a good bit of the day working on their Yugioh decks. We all got a good laugh when Bubba meant to ask Bret if he was "tweaking" his deck again and it came out "twerking". Bret has also been playing some type of puzzle game on his Ipod.

Bubba, Dora, and I played Lego Creationary and they both kept the Lego's out building for quite awhile afterward.

Dad got home kind of early and went out to straighten our porch which had some boxes and things cluttering it and the backyard as well. It was too cold for Bret but Bubba and Dora went out to play and help Dad despite it being about 10 degrees. Dora said she doesn't know why everyone wants winter to be over, there is so much to explore:

She brought me these icicles she found and we had an icicle fight.

She took this picture of this big icicle outside before Bubba decided to bring it in as well!

She brought me these frozen mushrooms she found and wanted me to feel how they felt frozen.

Dora also got the idea to make an "ice skating rink" on our porch. She put ice on a small area of the porch where no one would be walking and is hoping it freezes over so she can "skate" on it.

Since our kitchen and laundry room is an add on our pipes get colder back there and have been frozen in the kitchen and washer all day. When I tried to use the washer the water went all over the floor. So, yeah I am having so much fun with the Winter!

As I write this Dora insisted I stop and put a picture of her lego tower she has been workign on. She is playing with Lego's again and has been showing me all of the patterns she is creating. Bubba is playing Pokemon, and Dora and Bret are watching "Jessie" on the Disney channel. Dad is playing the electric guitar. Until tomorrow!

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