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"Children do not need to learn to be better, told what to do or shown how. If they are given access to enough of the world, they will see clearly enough what things are truly important to themselves and to others, and they will make for themselves a better path into that world than anyone else could make for them." John Holt

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                             January 6th, 2014

Today was really cold for us only a high of 10 here, not counting in the windchill. Dad got up grumpy over this as he was not very excited to work outside in this weather, who could blame him? I spent the morning on the internet catching up on emails, working on my newsletter, reviews, etc.

When Dora got up we snuggled and talked for awhile before breakfast. She cooked much of it while I straightened up the kitchen. Then we played around with the Brain Quest cards which have taken up residence on my kitchen table.

Dora wanted to answer all the science questions then she prided herself on trying to ask me all the hard ones hoping I would get them wrong. In her game show host voice " If you get this "grab bag" question right you win a hug AND a kiss." (Grab bag questions by the way are random, she can pick any category questions). She did pick up a few things she didn't know like the presidential votes are in November and where the Golden Gate Bridge was.

I worked on some laundry and a few chores and then Dora decided I should read Dork Diaries 2 with her. She has had the entire Dork Diary series for about 2 years now since she fell in love with the first one but hasn't read beyond that. She still slightly struggles with some of her words so we alternated reading pages aloud and I reminded her of a few spelling rules like how the e on the end makes the vowel say it's name.

Bubba woke up today with a nosebleed which was very unusual. So he spent awhile laying on the counch playing Pokemon on his 3DS before joining Dora on the Playstation playing some Little Big Planet 2. Bret, Bubba, and Dora spent much of the day on their various devices listening to music, Minecrafting, watching You Tube videos, and playing various Playstation games. I spent this time between chores and the internet, often breaking to talk with the kids or pet a dog.

Bret (14) wants to work in theatrical make up as a career so he watched some You Tube videos about that and began making a list for me of the materials he would need to practice some of the effects.

Dora and I played Sudoku on a glass game set I found at the Goodwill awhile back but never used.

At one Dora and I went outside to blow bubbles because she had showed me how she had seen online they kind of freeze and crack. I thought that since it was below freezing they would freeze however it must be much colder where people are doing this because we ended up with just regular bubbles and the only thing freezing was us.

We just finished dinner where Dora spent some time asking Dad how he makes profit if he has to pay for his equipment. (He is a contractor for Dish Network). She had some very good business questions for him today, it was almost as if she was interviewing him!  The kids are watching You Tube videos with Dad waiting on me to finish this so we can watch a family movie.

I know my kids have been on the games alot lately and some might ask if I am concerned with that and I would  answer with not in the slightest, mostly because these things seem to have a way of balancing themselves out, while we may have a lot of screen time in the winter, the kids will spend days without ever thinking of the tv once Summer hits. Sandra Dodd has some great articles on the benefits of video game play HERE.

This post is a part of the "Hitchhikers Guide to Unschooling", a year long series I am writing for the year 2014 to give you a closer look at what our unschooling family looks like.