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"Children do not need to learn to be better, told what to do or shown how. If they are given access to enough of the world, they will see clearly enough what things are truly important to themselves and to others, and they will make for themselves a better path into that world than anyone else could make for them." John Holt

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                           January 20th, 2014

Dora was the first of the kids to get up, of course. She had a hard time waking up so she watched a few Disney shows before she was up and moving.

At breakfast we read a couple chapters of "Heros of America: Martin Luther King, Jr." Then it was nails time. She had remembered me pinning a tutorial on how to do marbled nails. After locating tape and taping all her nails, painting on a white base coat etc., the polish colors clumped together when we swirled them. After looking up another tutorial it said to use a high quality nail polish, and we were using the cheap 90 something cent Wet n Wild brand so I guess that was the problem! Also, just to let you know nail polish eats through styrofoam, found this out when our cup sprung a leak!

She Just dumped her finger in and let it clump up on her nails. She said they were wild and crazy like her!

Dora also played Minecraft for about an hour while I did some vacuming and picking up.

We were very surprised by Dad finishing all his jobs and getting home a little after 1. So after he cleaned out his van we all had a late lunch (breakfast for some) and headed to the park. Yes, I was that Mom at lunch today that did the crazy dance moves while listening to One Direction and listening to Dora tell me how cute Cody Simpson was!

Since it was an unusually beautiful day today we headed to the park. The playground was a little crowded so we got the kickball out of my trunk and played volleyball, dodgeball, and throwed the ball on one of the shelter roofs and caught it as it came down. This is where I learned from two different sources that Dad was in fact a ball hog!


Dad and Bret playing volleyball!

When we got home Bret listened to music on his Ipod, I got caught up on the wonderful world of Facebook, and Dad, Bubba, and Dora took turns between the singing and guitar playing parts of Rock Band. Dad was really getting into singing some of the 80's music!

Righ now as I write this I can hear all of them working in the kitchen making a homemade pizza! The boy's haven't spent much time in the kitchen lately so it's nice hearing them all working together in there!


*This post was written as a part of the year long series "Hitchhikers Guide to Unschooling."  A new post will be added each day around 6, so be on the lookout for future posts!